'The Brown Waggon' S4T 8843 Three Way Tipper. UJ2112.
Supplied new to H.A.L. Price, Dawley, Shrops. in October 1933 as a 3 way tipper complete with a 3 way tipping trailer. Its main role was to deliver coal to the Sentinel Waggon Works. The trailer only lasted 2 weeks before being returned to the works due to difficulties manoeuvring it to tip. The waggon was then sold to quarry owner H.V. Bowen of Newtown, Wales. It was extensively used to haul aggregate until 1942 when it was taken off the road. Over the next 20 years the waggon stood idle in their yard where it was stripped for spares.

In 1977 the derelict chassis was purchased by present owners and fully restored and rebuilt as a timber tractor. The waggon remained in this guise for the next 25 years, where after further research and treasure hunting in the original Bowen yard, the remnants of the tipping frame was found. In 2003 work started on the complete renovation of the waggon to restore it back to its original body style of a working 3 way tipper, of which it remains today.

UJ2112 was one of three S4 tippers to come off the production line at the Sentinel Waggon works in Shrewsbury.
Left: Image captured for Sentinel promotional sales literature.
Middle: Sentinel are believed to have photographed every waggon before delivery to their customers.
This image of UJ2112 is taken opposite the Works alongside the Sentinel workers cottages.
Right: Demonstrating tipping capabilities for the first owner Harry Price, at the rear of the Sentinel Boiler House.

Left: H V. Bowen standing in front of the stripped remains, at their quarry in Newtown circa 1960.
Right: UJ2112 as purchased by the Goolds in 1977. Also in the picture, Norman & his son Andrew Wheeler who helped locate many of the missing parts at the time.

Left: Circa 1981 'The Brown Waggon' enroute to Camerton Rally with a loaded pole carriage of timber.
Middle: John Goold standing alongside 'Harry' original driver of the waggon for H.A.L. Price.
Right: The Brown waggon was converted by John & Vince to a Timber Tractor - Crane waggon, based on an 'Automowers' Timber Wagon design. Incorporating a 100BHP Sentinel Shunter engine to power the winch. For 20 years the waggon performed general tasks around the yard and was a perennial attraction at the Dorset Steam fair supplying the saw benches.

Left: Discovery of the original tipping body for Uj2112 in 1999, again with help from Norman & Andrew Wheeler,
from the Bowen Yard where it had worked and been stripped.
Middle: The reconditioned sub-frame as restored by Justin & Gary Goold.
Right: Completed body ready to be reunited after 40 years of separation!


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