Overseas Shipping
When customers from outside the E.E.C. send parts to us for refurbishment, please state the following wording on paperwork to avoid customs and V.A.T. charges being made on the goods;-

“These goods are the property of a U.S.A. (or relevant country) citizen and are being sent to the U.K. to be worked on and then returned to the place of origin i.e. U.S.A.”

Small parcels up to 2Kg/4.4 lbs may be sent by normal post quite cheaply. Items over 2Kg/4.4 lbs will need to be sent by carriers such as U.P.S. Federal Express or Concordia International.Concordia provide a high level of service and come recommended.

Postage/Packing - Carriage/Packing
This is charged on all dispatches unless otherwise agreed. Please make allowances for these costs when ordering, nor forgetting that for U.K. dispatches, VAT is charged on the total cost of the order, as part of the taxable service provided. Cost of Postage and/or Carriage and Packing are calculated from the total weight of the packed consignment and until fully packed we cannot precisely calculate this cost in advance.

We have been working hard to improve our ‘turn around’ time for items such as fittings, valves, automatics and general small brass parts, as listed on plates 27 and 30 to one - two weeks from receipt of order.

Packages sent by UPS, Fedex and other such couriers will attract import duties as levied by respective country.

Packages may be sent on a ‘collect’ basis ie the receiver pays the courier on delivery of goods.

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