Sentinel Restorations


Sentinel DG6P (Pneumatic) No:8590. 1931
Major restoration. Original dropside waggon with removable bus body.
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Sentinel S-Type. No:9087. 1934
Major restoration
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Sentinel S-Type 'Rex'.1934
Restored to original livery after re-import from the States.
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Sentinel S-Type 'Castle'.1935
Major restoration into its original livery after many years of rallying.

Sentinel S-Type 3Way Tipper 'Brown waggon'.1933
Extensive restoration from timber waggon to original 3 way tipper specification.
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Sentinel S-Type UJ2225
Commissioned repairs due to major road accident.

Sentinel S-Type 'Tiger Transport'. 1934
Complete ground-up restoration and then shipped to USA.
'Rex' is now back in the UK.

Sentinel S-Type 'The Blue Waggon'.1934
Complete restoration by John and Vince Goold. Now owned by Vince and family

Sentinel S-Type 'Early Transport'. 1937
Early restoration commissioned to run in owners livery.

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