Sentinel Parts
Below is a brief list of the services we can offer to repair or refurbish your Sentinel:
We will consider any component for manufacture.
Please contact us if you have a specific requirement that isn't listed.

  Sentinel Engine Parts
    Complete engine rebuilds
    Cylinder blocks
      Cylinder heads
      Cam Shafts (please enquire)
      Valve Springs
      Pistons & Piston Rings
      Steam Inlet Manifold
      Exhaust Caps
      Valve Guides
      Complete set of Inspection Cover Gaskets
      All Timing Gears
    Auxilary Drive Gear
      Cylinder Head Gasket (Compressive Copper Sandwich)
  Sentinel Boilers
      All boiler fittings (subject to model type)
    Complete Boilers
      Lower Grate Fittings in Bronze
      Lower Flange Ash Pan Fittings
      Boiler Plugs
      Boiler Washout Plug
      Ash Pan Slider Support brackets (Stainless)
  General Sentinel Parts
      Super heaters
      Nuts, Studs etc
      Machining of castings
      Complete re-paint(inc axles, wheels, chassis, cabs and bodies)
    Number Plates,(vintage correct,cast aluminium numerals)
    Complete Bodies (Flat beds, drop sides, tipper, most configuration & models considered)
    Dynomo, ‘New Old Stock’ CAV (enquire for details)

New Windscreen (chrome optional)

Mud Guards
      Sentinel Man (as fitted to Sentinel cabs)
  S-Type Parts List
      Bumper (chrome optional)
      Spare wheel carrier
    Front Apron
    Hub Cap Rear Axle
      Coaling Ladder Hooks (located on side of cab)
      Grab Handles, located on side of cab (chrome optional)
    Driver & Stoker Seats, fixed position (Upholstery optional)
      Wooden Seat Boxes (Drivers- 2 drawers, Stoker – Battery box)
      Cab Tool Box, located stoker footwell (Original S-Type design)
      Water Tank Inspection Covers
      Water Tank Filter Boxes
      Windscreen 1933 & 1934 styles (Chrome & glazed with toughend glass, optional)
      Windscreen Fixtures & Fittings eg Hinge points & Opening Quadrants.
      Firing Chute Lid, with top draft control (strictly original design)
      Super Heaters
      Union nuts, Olives & Union Nipples (for all pipes throughout waggon)
    Super Heater Union nuts, Olives & Union
      Chimney Funnels (Rolled in mild steel or stainless)
      Chimney Funnel Aluminium Damper
      Aluminium Spun Boiler Tops,with original super heater style haunches (subject to availability)
      Lever Frame Componentsb inc. Brackets, Clasp Handles & Quadrants etc.

Steering Boxes, Complete reconditionedand most parts manufactured.

    Dashboard Instrument Surround (Polished Aluminium)
      Injector Aluminium Mounting Bracket
      Rear Axle Lubrication Mounting Plate
      Complete Bodies (Flat beds, drop sides,tipper, most configuration & models considered)
    Drop side & Tail Board, wooden plank (please state configuration)


Head Board
      Tipping Hinges (1933 style)
    Body Work inc Hinges, Brackets,Pins & General Steel Work (Flat beds, drop sides, tipper)
      Front Mud Guards
      Front Mud Guard Support Brackets & Plate Work
      Front Aluminium Foot Step
      Rear Mud Guards
      Rear Mud Guard Support Brackets & Plate Work
      1934 Aluminium Top Tread Plate
      Spark Arrester Collection Box (Original Spec)
      Ash Pan Damper Control
      Sentinel Makers Plate(fitted to offside rear mud guard)
      Chassis, Front Member
      Chassis, Rear Member
      Handwheel (Cast Aluminium Powder Coated Black)
      Adjustable Bunker Door (Inside Cab)
      Water Pump Plunger and bushes
      Water Pump(please express interest as min order required)
      Oil Pump (Reconditioned or New, with improved design for oil pressure)
      *Prices correct at time of publishing. However subject to change due to fluctuation costs of materials and exchange rates.






















































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